Summer Care Tips for Dogs

Summers can take a toll on dogs. The heat can be killing our furry friends. A combination of heat and humidity can create deadly situations for puppies and dogs. As these furry animals have high body temperatures, warm weather can become stressful for them. Keeping them cool and happy during this time is a priority for pet parents. Let us find some of the best ways to make summers healthy for our pets.

Dog care tips during summers:
Additional water supply: Your dog may need additional water supply during summers. If not then they may drink from nearby water resources like lakes, ponds, and stagnated water. Contaminated water may be a cause of diseases in dogs. Therefore, provide additional water supply by keeping more water bowls. Keep the bowls in the vicinity of the dog so that he can drink anytime when he is thirsty.

Exercise when it’s cool:
Exercise is a must for young and adult dogs. But summers can prove detrimental for them. To prevent heat strokes or other health hazards, it’s important to spare your pet’s activity sessions during cooler times of the day. Go for walks when it’s not sunny. Do not go for long walks as the pet body muscles get heated after exercise adding to the body heat.

Reduce heat stress: It can be very stressful for the pet to get accustomed to the changing climate especially when it is switched to the hot weather. At these times, you can create an environment that is cooler. Reduced exercise time, extra drinking water, cold ice packs, proper ventilation, etc are some of the changes you need to make in pet care techniques. Play water games to cool down the pet’s body temperature. Don’t lock the pets in cars as it results in heat strokes and death in the worst cases.

Cooling equipment:
Choose proper cooling equipments for your pet. Cooling mats, cooling crate pads, canine cool vests, and other things should be utilized in summers. It will help in reducing the heat on and around the pet’s body. These little adjustments will help the pet feel cooler during the warm season.

Parasite treatments:
Flea and ticks are highly active during summers. They not only bite the pet but may become a cause of diseases in dogs. To prevent any adverse situations, use flea and tick preventives for dogs. This will reduce the chances of itchy skin and coat. A good parasite treatment is a way to good pet health in summers.

Things to avoid during summers:
• Don’t leave the dog inside a locked car
• Do not let pets stay outside
• No need for over exercise as it could be exhausting
• Do not give canned food as it has chances of rotting

To sum up, summer care tips for dogs could be many. Depending on the area, breed, size, and location, one can choose what to do and what not to do for pet care during summers. You can ask a vet for tips to deal with summers. Also, keep your pet’s health and sensitivities in mind to combat the heat. This summer, keep your pet healthy and smiling!